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Entidades que procuram parceiros

 Nesta página divulgamos a informação sobre procura de parceiros que recebemos dos nossos colegas dos Creative Europe Desks.

Como funciona:

No que diz respeito à pesquisa de parceiros uma das possibilidades é a divulgação da informação sobre o projecto via os Creative Europe Desks. O Desk disponibiliza à entidade interessada um "template" que deve ser preenchido em inglês. O documento é então remetido pelo Desk para todos colegas europeus e será posteriormente reenviado por estes para as respectivas mailing lists.

Caso pretenda a divulgação do seu projecto pelos Creative Europe Desks europeus (para pesquisa de parceiros), por favor, contacte-nos através do endereço : sara.machado@europacriativa.eu

Eis a informação que recebemos dos nossos colegas europeus até ao momento:

- Tabela 1: CALL Projectos de Cooperação Europeia com Balcãs Ocidentais
- Tabela 2: CALL Bridging Culture and Audiovisual content through digital - CREA INNOVATION LAB 2020


Projectos de Cooperação Europeia com Balcãs Ocidentais


 Tipologia do projecto/ Descrição

 Entidade País Descrição do projecto e contactos À procura de parceiros: Data de divulgação de informação
AICI Architecture Studio is an office founded in 2015. Based on a start-up programme, the studio was set out to reactivate (part of) an abandoned historical building, concurrently with its gradual, participatory, transparent restoration and its inclusion in the network of cultural - educational places in Bucharest. We are looking for projects covering the field of cultural heritage, heritage interpretation, cultural tourism, sustainability, design, arts and technology, creativity, community building. AICI Architecture Studio, Romania Roménia Documento PDF Países UE 03.03.2020
"We seek for partners to embrace and work on our project on global water crisis. Through puppet theatre, shadow puppet theatre and hopefully an illustrated book with all the real "water stories" we have gathered during our survey , we hope to make it possible for this project to travel abroad and spread its message along the other countries of the Balkan region and not only." Marmita puppet theater Grécia Documento PDF Países UE 27.02.2020
In 2021, Greece is celebrating 200 years from its liberation with Tripolis having been the centre of the revolution. Inspired by this historical fact and the principle of self-determination of peoples in the Western Balkans over the last centuries, as well as the shared cultural background in the region, the project aims at highlighting the crucial contribution of culture to good neighbourly relations and region stability. Municipality of Tripolis Grécia Documento PDF Países UE 27.02.2020
The Ignazio Buttaritta Foundation,  established in 2006 is willing to join partnerships with a cultural industry of a UE country that has experience in modern management of cultural industry.  Ignazio Buttaritta Foundation Itália Documento PDF Países UE 26.02.2020
Project description:
"Questions whose answers we want to reach are:
Who is the audience of cultural institutions today?
In what way can the public become a partner?
Who is responsible for audience development?
How to attract and keep audiences?
How to use the new tools available to communicate with the audience?
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Pharmacy, Museum of the History of Pharmacy Sérvia Documento PDF Países UE 21.02.2020
KIC (Cultural informative center) proposes a project around the central topic of ethnic and national minorities making up less than 2% of general population in respective states involved, in order to explore their position, socio-cultural heritage and their possible role in the development of society. The cultural and artistic content would preferably fall in the categories of performing arts, visual arts and cultural heritage. KIC (Cultural informative center) Croácia Documento PDF Refere especificamente interesse em parceiros portugueses 20.02.2020
KUD Sodobnost International, based in Ljubljana, would like to cooperate as a partner in a project in the literary field (promotion of literature, publishing, translating). They would like to focus on quality children’s books, but they would not refuse cooperation in a project including adult fiction. KUD Sodobnost  International Eslovénia Documento PDF Países UE  18.02.2020
Pivec Publishing House from Maribor would like to cooperate as a partner in a (Western Balkan) project in the field of literature, music, festivals, cultural events, literary translation. Pivec Publishing House  Eslovénia  Documento PDF Países UE 17.02.2020
"We are looking to become partners in projects ranging from cultural heritage to creative industries and audio-visual and media arts, based on our extensive experience in previous projects. Asociatia ESCU is open for collaboration as a partner organization, we would be very pleased to know more about your project and discuss the possibility to be actively involved."  Asociatia ESCU Roménia  Documento PDF  Países UE  12.02.2020
"We aim to be a partner in a project covering the fields of waste, sustainability, environmentalism, design, upcycling, creativity, social innovation, active citizenship, inclusivity." With linking waste with the field of design, Smetumet aims to present the subjects of waste in a fresh, innovative and interesting way. Smetumet cultural association and social enterprise Eslovénia Documento PDF Países UE 07.02.2020

Student Centre in Zagreb (SC) was founded in 1957 and now is a multi-functional space in the heart of the city. From the beginnings, SC and its cultural programs were an important part of Croatian independent scene. The Croatian entity is interested in the theoretical and practical performative research on the wide scope of contemporary performing arts.

Student Centre in Zagreb Croácia Documento PDF Países UE 06.02.2020
Nova Galerija Vizuelnih Umetnosti (Nova Gallery of Visual Arts) is distinguished by the deep relationships it develops with the artists, from emerging and mid-career to the established ones, this being done through our sustained cooperation with museums, biennials and publishing houses. The Serbian entity would like to become a partner on the project in the field of visual arts. NOVA Gallery of Visual Arts


Documento PDF Países UE 03.02.2020
M3 – resources for culture is a Romanian NGO that supports the value of public culture. They would like to be involved as partners in a cooperation project that is run on one or more of the following dimensions: shared impact of culture and education, mainstreaming culture in schools, cultural mediation, audience development and engagement.  M3 – resources for culture


Documento PDF Países UE 31.01.2020
The ART-ZOOM Association gathers eminent contemporary artists from Serbia. We would like to partner an EU leader and other local partners in a project that connects artists from the Western Balkans, but also from EU countries who have already had a similar experience in overcoming national friction and achieving reconciliation through, at first, tolerance and later mutual support. ART-ZOOM


Documento PDF Países UE 30.01.2020
MOSAIC // Culture & Creativity is a Social Enterprise based in Patras. Its primary objective is the promotion, the empowerment, the capacity building, the audience Development and the extroversion of Creative Organizations in Greece as well as the studying and monitoring of the Cultural and Creative Sector and its contribution to local development, the economy and social cohesion. Within the Creative Europe project framework, MOSAIC // Culture & Creativity may be a valuable and efficient partner. MOSAIC // Culture & Creativity


Documento PDF Países UE 30.01.2020
Project description: Theatrical play called “Taxanomy of life”, Performing art, digital and audio-visual technology. -the play “Taxonomy of life” is a musical play and attempts to present today’s modern electronic music and traditional gipsy music and folk music in one play (Hungarian, Greek and Western Balkans music together) allowing virtuosic performance in frame of a story with philosophic content and with the help of modern techniques for the audience to follow easily and in an entertaining way. Hippotheatre Group Greek e AUDIT XBRL Cultural and Economical Bt. Hungary 

Grécia e Hungria

Documento PDF Países UE 27.01.2020

Established in 2001 as a Sport Museum, Thessaloniki Olympic Museum expanded scope in 2008 becoming an Olympic Museum and a founding member of the prestigious Olympic Museums Network, counting today 27 organizations within the International Olympic Committee. It is interested in partnering with Western Balkan countries to become either actively involved in creative production or act as a presentation and dissemination channel.  

Thessaloniki Olympic Museum


Documento PDF Países UE 17.01.2020

ANASSA is a non-profit company established in December 2009 in Athens, Greece, with main purpose to create theatrical plays and art workshops for audience of all ages, combining the Physical Sciences and Humanities, with New Technologies and Fine Arts (Art Tech).ANASSA is open for collaboration as a partner organization, in projects concerning the Cultural Cooperation Project in the Western Balkans. 

 Anassa  Grécia Documento PDF  Países UE 09.01.2020

7Arte is looking forward to revitalize abounded ex-industrial buildings and turn them into social hubs for education and practical works/services that would raise employment of the youth and make a base for sustainable development. Preferred profile: Alternative Cultural Centres, Green Festivals, Non-formal education program on Arts, creativity and innovation.

 7 Arte Kosovo  Documento PDF  Países UE 08.01.2020 

17  is interested to participate in projects that aim to create opportunities for arts and culture development by supporting artists at all levels of their creative journey and encouraging participation of citizens of all genders in the arts through education and outreach. Particularly 17 is interested in projects that fall under the priority A and B such as A.2.Strengthening the capacities of cultural and creative industries in the Western Balkans as well as B.  Increase transnational circulation of cultural and creative works and transnational mobility of cultural and creative players  - with specific focus in residencies, artistic research (leading to) co-creation, co-production between artists and/or cultural operators and activities aimed at developing career opportunities for artists and cultural professionals from the Western Balkans to work transnationally and internationally, including accessing new markets or audiences.

Foundation Shtatëmbëdhjetë (17)  Kosovo  Documento PDF Países UE 




Bridging Culture and Audiovisual content through digital - CREA INNOVATION LAB 2020


 Tipologia do projecto/ Descrição

Entidade  País Descrição do projecto e contactos À procura de parceiros: Data de divulgação de informação
Indoor navigation technology.
The development of specialized museum mobile application “Interactive guide-navigator” using innovative BLE technology. This project is multicultural and can be applied in any museum in the world regardless of ethnic, geographical and linguistic peculiarities of a country.
Uran Company Ltd Bulgária Documentos PDF Países UE 12.03.2020
"Made in CEE: advertising and iconic brands temporary museum (fromEastern Europe) is our proposed projectfor this call, developing our original concept from Made in RO: temporary museum of branding and advertising. The project aims to highlight over a period of15 months the transformations of a complex economic and cultural field through the advertising and commercial creation of the times, being an illustrated retrospective of our advertising and consumption market from the past and present from this European area.
Asociatia ESCU is an independent NGO, operating in Romania, with projectsdeveloped in fields such as cultural heritage, creative industries, visual and performing arts,music, design and applied arts, literature, media, cinema, traditional art, digital art andmulticulturalism.
Asociatia ESCU Roménia Documento PDF Países UE 26.02.2020

1. A informação disponibilizada nos templates é da inteira responsabilidade das entidades que os assinam. Os Desks apenas servem de veículo de divulgação de informação. Os contactos deverão ser estabelecidos directamente entre as entidades interessadas.