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Entidades que procuram parceiros

Porque as parcerias transnacionais estão na base do Europa Criativa, nesta página divulgamos a procura de parceiros que recebemos dos nossos colegas dos Creative Europe Desks. 
A tabela abaixo contempla informação sobre as entidades que estão receptivas a estabelecer parcerias, área de projecto e os contactos directos. Caso tenha interesse em associar-se a uma organização e/ou projecto, veja a oferta disponível.

Por outro lado, se tem uma ideia de projeto e procura parceiros, o Desk disponibiliza à entidade interessada um template que deve ser preenchido em inglês. O documento é então remetido para todos os colegas dos Creative Europe Desks que o disseminarão através dos seus canais. Para obter mais informações ou solicitar directamente este template, por favor, contacte-nos através do endereço: sara.machado@europacriativa.eu


Projectos de Cooperação Europeia 2021


 Tipologia do projecto/ Descrição

 Entidade País DDescrição do projecto e contactos Área artística/cultural Data de divulgação de informação

Gabriello Entertainment provides and produces entertainment within opera, musical, feature film and computer games.
They are looking for partners with expertise within opera- and musical production, 3D feature film production and/or computer game development.

Gabriello Entertainment Dinamarca Documento PDF opera, musical, feature film and computer games 24.06.2021

Proposed project is based on anniversary composers, in particular Franz Schubert whose works have marked the history of music. Franz Schubert's enthusiasm for poetry led him to compose over 600 songs and set works by more than 150 poets. His lieder are notable for their union of music and poetry to create a dramatic whole.

ZAGREB SOLOISTS Croácia Documento PDF Visual, performance arts, literature, architecture 24.06.2021

Muses Ltd (Muze) was founded in 2005 and since then it has become one of the leading companies for consulting and management in culture and tourism in Croatia and surrounding countries. We would like to be part of a project that strives for protection and valorisation of cultural or/and natural heritage. Projects with the development of sustainable tourism are also one of our biggest interests as well as improving the knowledge and competences of cultural workers. 

Muze Croácia Documento PDF heritage, sustainable tourism 24.06.2021
OFFORM3D, L.t.d., first digital fashion studio in the Czech Republic with a mission to bring more awareness how the garment industry can benefit from going digital – specifically transformation from 2D to 3D mode.
They are looking for a coordinator of an innovative project in the field of innovative sustainable fashion (3D modelling), namely: design companies, fashion studios, universities focused on fashion, policy-makers.
OFFORM3D República Checa Documento PDF Fashion – specifically 3D modeling 24.06.2021
South Earth Legacy, a Spanish organisation focused on sound art, soundscape practices, science & arts, heritage and climate change. They offer themselves as partners for small scale cooperation projects related to:
  • Immersive sonic and music shows, sound and cultural heritage, programs, sound recording, art residence, cultural and scientific, programs, art and technology
  • Cultural Heritage, Cultural, Music and Tech Festivals, Art and Science Museums, National Parks, Ocean programs and research, Art Residence
South Earth Legacy Espanha Documento PDF Immersive sonic and music shows, sound and cultural heritage 24.06.2021
Kultuuriklubi Tempel is an alternative music venue in Pärnu from 2016 to 2021. With one of the best sound systems in Estonia, we offer a wide range of music styles. The Estonian organization is looking for a partner (or to be a partner) in a small scale  project  for reorganizing music venues after COVID. Kultuuriklubi Tempel Estónia Documento PDF Live music, music venues 24.06.2021
The Posavje Museum Brežice from Slovenia would like to apply for a small-scale cooperation project that would increase the visibility of Brežice Castle and the exceptional Baroque Knight's Hall. The Posavje Museum Brežice want to connect Baroque content, which also appears in other parts of the castle, with art and music with a touch of digitalization, and thus create new content and programs for different target groups. The museum is looking for institutions dealing with digitization / interpretation of heritage, educational and music institutions. Besides Creative Europe, they are open for cooperation in Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe projects.
The Posavje Museum Brežice Eslovénia Documento PDF Cultural heritage, Museum, Art 24.06.2021
IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) is an international network dedicated to design education in the fields of Fashion, Design, Visual Arts, Management and Communication since 1966, with its 18 schools spread across 12 cities and 3 countries, with more than 120,000 graduates coming from 90 different countries. IED is looking for projects related to Design education: Fashion, Design, Visual Arts, Management and Communication.
Istituto Europeo di Design Espanha Documento PDF  Design education: Fashion, Design, Visual Arts, Management and Communication 02.06.2021

Dantz is a Spanish organization developing cultural projects such as festivals, concerts and innovative projects. Electronic and avant-garde music is the common thread element. Dantz is willing to partake projects related with music, arts and creation of new actions.

 Dantz Espanha Documento PDF  avant-garde music, music 02.06.2021

"Mentor in Culture”, is looking for partners for Small or Medium Scale Coop Projects in the fields of contemporary art, technology and culture, heritage,youth educational programmes and workshops, as project partner.

Mentor in Culture Grécia Documento PDF contemporary art, technology and culture, heritage, youth educational programmes and workshops 14.05.2021

The organization “Chorus”, is looking for partners for Small Scale Coop Projects in the fields of music performances, theatre & dance productions, book readings, poetry readings, cultural tours, educational & youth programs. More specific is interesting in anything related to bridging arts and social issues, as a project partner.

CHORUS Grécia Documento PDF Cultural projects, music performances, theatre & dance productions 14.05.2021

"My dance is your dance: access, mobility and representations of dance heritage

The project is based on the idea of a transnational representation of heritage dance collections that are both publicly and privately owned. With this, we want to combine the already collected material and address the often unambiguous and exclusive national interpretation of heritage sources. The aim of the project is to show that dance and music are forms of communication where language is not an obstacle, so unlike songs, narratives and dramatic texts, it is significantly less limited to ethnic space and less "interested" in ethnic boundaries. The project will be highlighted in several ways: 1. by selecting folk dance material from border areas that reveal interethnic and transnational intertwining of cultural heritage practices, 2. by digitization and open access to the said material, which will offer opportunities for viewing, reproduction and upgrading materials in a dance-reproducing or choreographic sense in an international context, 3. by disseminating artistically interpreted material in an international space."

Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU)  Eslovénia Documento PDF cultural heritage 04.05.2021 

The project: "Go Curb Carbon", uses an app to encourage ordinary citizens in five cities to reduce their carbon footprint. The app combines a carbon calculator, a green bonus wallet and an event recommendation page. Users can take up carbon reduction challenges in the calculator. Once clearing the challenges, they will get green bonuses with which they can redeem discount or free theater tickets and design products.
The project needs theater or visual arts partners in five cities to offer the redemption items and run the program. The project emphasizes local offerings to locals. Partners have high autonomy in event organization surrounding the themes of urban environmental protection and audience participation.

Université de Bourgogne França Documento PDF theater, visual arts, creative lab 29.04.2021

"This project has been inspired during the pandemic and its purpose is to search for the main sources of dance that are similar and responsible for connecting this artform with artists and audiences, worldwide.
The leading hypothesis is; if it is possible to create movement algorithms that when applied, they will create an avante-grand dance piece, pleasant to every audience. The process is going to developpe in many stages where partners are going to be involved with main management roles as well as the researching process itself."

Quo Vadis dance company Grécia Documento PDF Dance companies, performing arts 29.04.2021

ARTISTAS Y. is a theater company that also organizes CIRCULAR, an Ibero-American theater meeting in Madrid.
Circular contribute to publicize the new Ibero-American theater production in Madrid through staging, dramatized readings and other parallel activities.
We are interested in joining projects where our experience and knowledge is applicable, specifically in the domain of performing arts and new technologies.

Cultural Assotiation ARTISTAS Y Espanha Documento PDF Performing arts and arts and technology 29.04.2021

We are searching for public or private sector cultural operators that:
- manage natural settings as cultural spaces or wish to engage in managing natural settings as cultural spaces, or
- are interested in producing artistic performances in natural spaces.

The goal of the project is to explore the potential of natural environments to act as cultural spaces and to build capacities of rural and peri-urban communities that wish to open their natural environments to cultural activities in a sustainable way.

Notranjska regional park, Cultural Centre Cerknica Eslovénia Documento PDF Organisation of residencies, festivals etc.; environmental art production; natural and cultural heritage management 29.04.2021

"Accompany and promote the professionalization of young European artists in the field of children's and young people's literature.
• Promote the professional career of young European illustrator /artists.
• Create a community of young European illustrator artists.
• Promote talent among the European publishing industry.
• Promote the European integration of artists of immigrant origin.
• Promote the European identity in the new generations of illustrator artists.
• The making/promotion of more inclusive illustrated literature."

Tantagora Espanha Documento PDF Children and youth literature
Promoting young talent

The aim of our project is to publish a twentieth-century historical background in the light of the current press, to present it in an age-appropriate way.
Our project is not only a media interface, our offline activities are also active, such as: historical quiz, QUIZ games and unusual history lessons. Our further goal is to get into the bloodstream of digital education by interweaving the everyday life of online and offline education.
Our organization believes the project will help with offline and digital education. Color and expand the pedagogical tools and add topics to get to know our history as well as possible.

 Homeworld Hungria Documento PDF Cultural heritage 22.04.2021 

Taulara has been working for the enhancement of historical
archives, experimenting various solutions of recognized success
in relation to the development of technologies and the growing
potential of telematic networks. 
The project aims to allow virtual visits of old archives making
available their documents as e-books that can be read on line.
Making use of the most appropriate skills and the most
advanced digital technologies, we aim to complete the
conversion of old documents into digital format, safeguarding
archive collections, through the production of high-definition
digital images that accurately reproduce the paper document.

Taulara Itália Documento PDF Archives management 19.04.2021

Artepunkt company is based in Belgrade, Oslo, and Vienna. They are  looking for theatre companies, international festivals, and similar institutions whose practice is based on the development of arts and education projects, as well as on cultural mediation processes.

"TransTheatrics festival is a network of grassroots venues and educational/promotional/producing platform for re-establish mobility and new co-operation models between the Western Balkan independent theater companies and rest of Europe."

Artepunkt Sérvia, Noruega e Áustria Documento PDF Theater Arts, Digital Art, Arts and Technology, Art Pedagogue 15.04.2021

Since 1990, the Mainel Foundation has been working for people in two areas of action: Solidarity and Culture, with activities and projects that promote profound thoughts on the human being.
Some of our cultural activities are:
*A National Painting Prize: In recent years, the collaboration with art galleries offers an extraordinary projection to the selected young artists;
*The Contemporary Visual Culture Colloquia, allow the audiences to engage in dialogue and get to know important figures in the art, culture, and teaching fields;
*Art exhibitions

Fundación Mainel Espanha Documento PDF Visual arts, Sustainable Development Goals, Culture, Arts 07.04.2021

MeetShareDance association aims to promote best practice in the field of inclusive arts practices and to foster an International Dance Network for individuals and groups working with dance and disability. We provide an educational program that offers dance classes, training and workshops on all levels.
We are interested in partnering to any Creative Europe project that tackles issues of accesibility and inclusive approach. Projects related to dance, interdisciplinary fields (digital, performative), projects working on accessibility and inclusion, development of educational projects on inclusion and art also very interested in combining digital innovation with performing arts.

MeetShareDance Espanha Documento PDF Performing arts, education in dance sector, inclusion and accessibility, digital art 07.04.2021

Aye Cultura Social combines artistic and social work, transcending the merely exhibiting character of the performing arts. Founded in 2011 by Susan Ríos (Chile) and Fran Ros (Spain). The company has shown its work in several Autonomous Communities of Spain and in a total of 10 countries.
Aye Cultura Social work relies in three main axes: Training, Community and Creation.

Aye Cultura Social Espanha Documento PDF performing arts, social arts, education, community, diversity, social theater, visual theater, etc 07.04.2021

"Viver Creatiu is the Association for the promotion of the creative economy, which is part of a global network created by the UN, the UNCTAD creative economy network and Europe-Latinamerica Network for Creative economy.
[we are particularly interested in] New business modeling, education and leadership in creative industries , digital transformation, entrepreneurship, management of creative hubs, high quality contents related, creative industries in general, networking in LATAM area, networking between creative and non creative sectors."

Asociación Viver Creatiu/ Creabinars.org Espanha Documento PDF creative economy, new business models, digital transformation 29.03.2021

"The New Media Department is the newest and emerging at the Faculty of Fine Arts Belgrade (FLU). Enhancing the quality of the New Media Department programme has been the main target of the FLU in Belgrade toward achieving international recognition in the field. FLU believes that collaboration can enhance the quality of research and teaching through an exposure to a new perspective and experience of research and teaching."

Faculty of Fine Arts Belgrade – New Media Art Department Sérvia Documento PDF Art & science, new media art, visual arts, curatorial practice,
interdisciplinary projects, community
projects, etc

Proposed project: 
"Experimenting with European light and darkness in multi-art workshops and artist collaborations.
The notion of light has many characteristics in Europe. Light makes things visible to the eye. Consequently, some things remain overshadowed, things that we consciously or unconsciously leave unseen or fail to notice. In European Light Project we aim to shed light on invisible (or dark) things and places that we usually ignore or simply cannot see, or things that are still in a process of taking shape or appearing."

"Turku UAS Arts Academy is looking for dedicated partners to participate in European co-operation project exploring European Lights in multi-art collaborations.
We are also looking for partners who are interested in providing the project artist team spaces to work in and people to work with, collaborate and exhibit their works, e.g. production spaces, art centers, festivals, museums and unusual, unconventional locations for art."

Turku University of Applied Sciences / Arts Academy Finlândia Documento PDF Fine Art
Media art
Animation e.g. videomapping
Scenography and performance
Music and performing arts, etc

"We would like to join the European cooperation project that:
- increase the mobility of artists (art residencies, art colonies,
traveling exhibitions, etc.)
- contribute to audience development: along with one gallery and a cultural centre, we are one of the few cultural organizations that is located in New Belgrade, the largest municipality in Belgrade (220,000 inhabitants)."

Polimorf Association Sérvia Documento PDF visual arts, interdisciplinary, artists mobility, audience
development, interactivity, education, ecology

"We are open to participate as project leader or as partner in the projects related to the development of contemporary dance in all experimental forms of new conceptual dance, adapting to new technologies. We are interested in topics related to ecology – especially the issue of drinking water and renewable sources like solar energy in cultural projects, mainly dance and experimental performance. We would like to work out the details together with the project partners."

Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru NOWA FALA / Foundation NEW WAVE Polónia Documento PDF contemporary dance, experimental theatre and performance 23.03.2021
Czapski Art Foundation´s proposed project is the Construction of virtual gallery spaces and their publication on the web, Google Play and App Store. They are looking for projects that need support in the form of digitisation and further publication, also with the possibility of a commercial form. Czapski Art Foundation Polónia Documento PDF visual arts, architecture, arts and technology 19.03.2021

THEAMA stands for an inclusive approach to performing arts, equal representation of disabled performers/art workers, accessibility to structures and content of cultural activities
The greek organisation is open to participate as partners to any Creative Europe project that tackles issues of equal, inclusive and accessible approach for all social groups, particular disadvantaged and marginalized.
THEAMA – Inclusive Theater for the Disabled Grécia Documento PDF Performing Arts, accessibility 19.03.2021
Imago Sloveniae project, whose beginnings date back to 1988, was established with the desire to broaden and evolve high-quality music, as well as to comprehensively revitalize the cultural image of old Slovenian cities and cultural heritage sites through live culture. 
Some of the project’s main priorities are transnational mobility, intercultural dialogue and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions.
Ustanova Imago Sloveniae – Podoba Slovenije Eslovénia Documento PDF Performing Arts (Music, Theatre, Dance), Cultural Heritage, Audiovisual Projects 16.03.2021
“Building bridges” is looking for partners (cultural and arts organisations working broadly with young people, specially those with less opportunities such as migrants, refugees, etc.) with the aim to bring young artists and young cultural managers closer to the ICT sector.
"We want to bring young artists and young cultural managers closer to the ICT sector by creating a Bootcamp (intensive course) where we will include tools for creating a website with WordPress, inbound marketing techniques, cybersecurity, smart working, crowdfunding, copywriting, digital publishing, digital marketing and creativity to create the future cultural manager and ICC entrepreneurs."
Building Bridges Cultural Association Espanha Documento PDF Arts organisations
working broadly with young people
DEARTE 2030 wants to fight for repopulation of the rural areas through art and sustainability and create a network for cultural exchange and social synergies (as leader or partner). Fields:  Performing arts, cultural heritage, visual arts , architecture, technology, sustainability, coworking and entrepreneurship. Fundación DEARTE Contemporáneo Espanha Documento PDF Performing arts, plastic arts, media, renewable energy, ecotourism,
communication technology
“Arran del Cel” is looking for partners for a small scale project in these fields: Architecture, Design, Performing Arts, Site Specific Art. “CO-EXPERIENCE” project seeks to create a collaborative network with the active participation of different cultural agents based on the needs, uses, dynamics, flows and behaviors in public spaces. Associació Cultural Arran Del Cel Espanha Documento PDF Architecture, Design, Performing Arts, Site Specific Art 15.03.2021

“Con Salero” is willing to participate as partners in any project related to this topics and priorities: Community and Participatory creative processes; Cultural and artistic Mediation; Audiovisual technology, capacity building; audiovisual creation; cultural heritage recovery; cultural and artistic audience development; Education. Related fields: Visual arts; Audiovisual; Cinema; cultural heritage; mediation; events; education.

Asoc. Artistico Cultural Con Salero Espanha Documento PDF Community and Participatory creative processes; Cultural and
artistic Mediation

Rossocarminio is an Italian non-profit organization willing to develop projectos in the field of Philosophy and art.
Currently, Rossocarminio is carrying out several projects namely “Sophia – la Filosofia in festa”, a philosophical and cultural festival, totally free for all, that brings together some of the most important philosophers and protagonists of contemporary culture. Sophia is addressed to a large public of all ages and is based in Pietrasanta (Lucca, Italy), important cultural and artistic center, in particular in the municipal theatre, in Sant’Agostino’s cloister and across several different locations of the town.

Rossocarminio Itália  Documento PDF   Philosophy, culture, art 12.03.2021 

Scientific and Research Association for Art, Cultural and Educational Programmes and Technology EPEKA, Social Enterprise is open to participate as partner or coordinator in a cooperation project. The aim is to develop projects related to art and music, especially the one of cultural minorities to preserve the European diversity.
EPEKA is a NGO, non-profit, and has been operating by the principles of a social enterprise since 2013. Their aims are connected with promoting the rights of vulnerable groups, especially youth and women as well promoting the rights of the Roma minority in Slovenia and enabling and empowering them. EPEKA has been involved in Maribor ECOC 2012 and European Youth Capital 2013.

Scientific and Research Association for Art, Cultural and Educational Programmes and Technology EPEKA Eslovénia Documento PDF art gallery, music production, minority cultures 12.03.2021

The Slovenian Association of Literary Translators (DSKP) are looking for project partners for the organization of international translators' meetings and continuous activities dealing with current issues and topics from the field of translation, including the translation of fiction, arts and humanities, social sciences, and children's and YA literature from different source and target languages (with a special focus on translating in minor languages). The project would also promote the networking of translators' associations and foster the international exchange of literary translators. By attracting wider audiences, we would actively inform the public on the role, importance, and position of literary translation as author's intellectual work within the cultural and creative sectors and the modern society at large.

The Slovenian Association of Literary Translators Eslovénia Documento PDF  Literature, translation, residences for translators  12.03.2021

We are based in Copenhagen and founded in 2015 as the world's first combined virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) production house, store and showroom - and among the first to instruct and produce high-end immersive virtual reality content in the Nordic Region, having released more than 250 immersive experiences.
[We aim] To use virtual and/or augmented reality to create meaningful and engaging visitor experiences that are site specific or web based.
Could be augmented paintings, digital reconstructions, time travels.

Khora ApS Dinamarca Documento PDF Performing arts, cultural heritage, visual arts, architecture, arts and technology, material and immaterial heritage, museums 12.03.2021

"We are looking to build a laboratory together with partners on the topic of professional integration of artists in exile in the European creative and cultural sector. With In Ex(ile) lab, we would like to experiment both transdisciplinary integration paths for artists in exile and innovative participation and collaboration models to safeguard and foster diversity in cultural institutions. The objective is to determine how artists in exile can develop and strengthen their capacities in the search of professional opportunities, which will allow them to live from their work and favour their emancipation as individuals. Another objective is to reflect on how cultural spaces can champion diversity, invent new territories of creation and emancipation in a rapidly changing environment and a post-colonial age. For this project, we are eager to collaborate with cultural organisations that intend to address, or have already addressed diversity and migration issues in their projects."

The agency of artists in exile França Documento PDF Integration of artists in exile 03.03.2021

"Around Louvre-Lens" is based This project is based on a design approach as a way to demonstrate that young people by working with designers and a cultural institution can be at the center of the renewal of their town. A design approach which includes: - A short philosophical and sociological essay - A best practice watch and monitoring (= state of the art) - Creative and collaborative workshops - An exhibition - A prototype being tested around town Our goal is to replicate/try out this collaborative care design approach with other cities in Europe.

Our Mission statement:
*How can the young generation become an industrial heritage ambassador thanks to a collaborative, interdisciplinary and experimental care design approach?
*How is this approach stimulating the emergence of new storytelling?
*How does it contribute both to territorial attractiveness and to redefining tomorrow’s cultural tourism?"

ALL – Autour du Louvre Lens / Pas de Calais Tourisme França Documento PDF Design, culture, human & social sciences 03.03.2021

Main objective:
Develop long-term musical journeys for children and youth living in rural areas via in-person activities over several weeks/months and via digital activities to extend the experience over a whole year. Several journeys will combine the goals of promoting diversity and integration, targeting populations who face multiple hardships (children and youth with disabilities for instance).
Looking for partners within the following areas:
- associations, festivals, music institutions working or willing to work in rural areas
- organisations specialised in musical and digital content
- rural local authorities France/Belgium, France/Germany, France/Luxemburg
- organisations working on the evaluation and improvement of the environmental impact of cultural projects

Les Concerts de Poche França Documento PDF Music in rural areas 03.03.2021
The Association of Citizens "Kruna" is non-governmental and non-profit association. Main focus of the organization is street art. Areas of activities are the research and reform of art, science and culture, affirmation of young artists, research and development of alternative art forms and practices, as well as the cooperation with cultural, art and scientific institutions. As an association we are dedicated to document, popularize and preserve street art trough events and digitization projects. We have organized exhibitions, workshops for senior citizens, street art events, panel discussions and also in 2020. we have published first Belgrade street art exhibition in Virtual Reality. Association of Citizens "Kruna" Sérvia Documento PDF Street Art 2/03/2021
Terrachidia is a Spanish NGO specialized in Cultural Heritage Preservation.
The Project aims to deepen and reveal the links between our ancestors and European cultural identities.
Establish study strategies and development opportunities for European regions that are suffering the same abandonment problem as many geographic areas from Spain.
 Terrachidia Espanha  Documento PDF Cultural Heritage 21.01.2021
Proposed project:
Create an inspiring multicultural space within the heart of Athens that supports originality and creates exchange programmes with other European countries. The Residency and Open creative space for fashion and cultural heritage will allow makers, researchers and designers to interact with other creatives under one roof, learn from each other and create an international community. Diversity is the key factor in making this work and learning and understanding different artistic methodologies.
 Studio Speis (Melissanthi Spei) Grécia  Documento PDF  slow fashion, folklore, cultural heritage, traditional textiles, craftsmanship, wearable art 21.01.2021 

The project will consist of theatrical elements, performances, theatrical and paratheatrical staging connected to plastic arts. In addition to this, there will be several cabaret activities with comedic elements aimed at young artists of cabaret theatre as well as film. Theatrical activities will be focused around the region of the institution and some plays will be devoted to ritual theatre.


integration through culture


"The Noise-related Soundscape" Objectives
● to create an innovative animated educative platform in order to teach the trends of modern sound art and the noise-related tradition in contemporary culture using the modern interactive media of gaming;
●to deepen the understanding of modern sound that incorporates noise to a great extent, and cultivate our noise-related aesthetic perception;

● to pave the way to a cultivated taste of noise-related sound and a better knowledge of contemporary sound culture, to support the social intelligence of modern aesthetics of sound,

● to strengthen the new ecology of sound as our natural cultural environment, ● to create new synergies between the disciplines of arts' research, edugaming, game art as well as sound ecology.

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences Letónia Documento PDF

Music, visual arts, contemporary arts, cultural heritage, arts and technology


Greek Center of Art and Culture was created in 2000 as a non-profit association. It is based in Koropi, Attica but is active throughout Greece.Our vision for 20 years now is the research, recording and promotion of issues of cultural heritage, arts, environment, the promotion of historical and cultural elements of the Mediterranean region, while at the same time ensuring the dissemination of local history of the area.
At the moment we are looking for partners / project leaders
with defined concepts about cultural heritage

Greek Center of Art and Culture Grécia Documento PDF

Educational programs, Cultural heritage


National Institute for Cultural Research and Training (INCFC), subordinated to the Ministry of Culture, is the only national institute in Romania that has such goals as studying, researching and providing statistical data for the field of culture, as well as the ongoing training of those who choose a career in the occupational sector of culture.
In the field of ongoing training and lifelong education, the institute is the main provider of specialised professional training programmes in the field of culture, as well as a regulation authority for cultural occupations.

National Institute for Cultural Research and Training Roménia Documento PDF

Culture/Cultural Heritage


We seek for partners to embrace and work on our project on global water crisis. Through puppet theatre, shadow puppet theatre and hopefully an illustrated book with all the real "water stories" we have gathered during our survey , we hope to make it possible for this project to travel abroad and spread its message along the other countries of the Balkan region and not only.

Marmita puppet theater Grécia Documento PDF

enviromental education through art


Cultural Center for the Children and the Art aims to develop an innovative project for enhancing cultural learning through a nonformal educational methodology based on Digital Game Based Learning (GBL) and AI.
We are looking for other European Creative Technologies
Organizations specialized in Game Based Learning (GBL), and AI
focusing in children and young adults.
We are also looking for Academic Institutions and Cultural heritage Organizations engaged in educational programmes based on the History of Arts."

Cultural Center for the Children and the Art  Grécia  Documento PDF

Nonformal education;
Digital Game Based Learning (GBL) and AI.  

"Our aim is the promotion of cultural and museum education through a variety of activities (such as educational programs, walking tours, hands-on exhibitions, festivals, etc). Our vision is to create a cultural center for every child in Crete and ensure that children will always have a place to grow up, play and explore. Looking for partners willing to engage with expertise at museum/cultural education, hands-on/interactive activities/exhibitions, children’s museums. Cultural and Museum Education Hellenic Center – Exploration Children’s Museum Grécia Documento PDF Cultural and museum education 12.11.2020
Gödöllő Symphonic Orchestra Foundation is engaged with severall activities namely festival concerts, youth and children concerts, programs for underrepresented groups, workshop, international courses, co-productions, conferences, audience building, international mobility, connection to the co-arts several chamber music formations within the symphony orchestra: string chamber orchestra, brass quintet, string quartet, piano trio, etc.
They are interested as a partner in any project related to the activities of the orchestra.
Gödöllő Symphonic Orchestra Foundation Hungria Documento PDF

Chamber music; 
youth and children concerts

"Festivals are an expressive way to celebrate glorious heritage, culture and traditions. The industrial heritage should be seen as an integral part of the cultural heritage. Every effort should be made to ensure the consultation and participation of local communities in the protection, conservation and reuse of their local industrial heritage in an authentic and cost-effective way." Municipality of Keratsini - Drapetsona Grécia Documento PDF Industrial Heritage 12.11.2020
KYKLOS is a nonprofit organization based in Athens, whose purpose is to promote actions relating to cinema and public awareness of environmental issues. It runs International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo is an annual short film festival which takes place ever year in Athens Greece since 2007. The festival aims to provide a showcase for the work of new filmmakers from around the world and to promote the diversity and richness of the short film. KYKLOS ngo Grécia Documento PDF Cinema and public awareness of environmental issues 12.11.2020

Krakowskie Forum Kultury, Krakow Forum of Culture, is a municipal institution with the mission to organize cultural events and popularize culture among the inhabitants of the city of Krakow – Polish and non-Polish speakers. We are looking for partners to establish constant cooperation in the field of culture. We would like to  work together and realize various projects like Creative Europe and others but also exchange of experiences.

Krakowskie Forum Kultury (Krakow Forum of Culture) Polónia Documento PDF Cultural events in general



Šibenik Wind Symphony Orchestra is interested in projects that include exhibitions, cultural events, concerts, guiding school for young people, educational work, exchange of best practices.
We are also interested in project programs which are include in: Cultural dialogue between different musical traditions
present in Europe; Brass band music in support of cross-border festival tourism;

Šibenik Wind Symphony Orchestra Croácia Documento PDF

Cultural heritage


* A informação disponibilizada nos templates é da inteira responsabilidade das entidades que os assinam. Os Desks apenas servem de veículo de divulgação de informação. Os contactos deverão ser estabelecidos directamente entre as entidades interessadas.